This is Ana White, a wife, mother, and wood worker from Alaska who posts plans for countless wood working projects and crafts for FREE! Now, plans for projects can be found all over the internet but they often cost you. This can add quite a bit of expense to a project that may already be somewhat costly. Ana, however, offers plans for projects ranging from simple tables to play houses to kitchen cabinets. There’s literally nothing you can’t find on her website! Some are projects that she has personally completed. Others are plans that she has found or developed. Her website is dedicated to making wood working projects easier to complete for lay persons like myself. I have used her plans to make my wife’s office desk, benches for our kitchen table, our boat entertainment center, and dog kennel. For most of these projects, I alter the plans and essentially use what she provides as a foundation or stepping stone to individualizing my project. The dog kennel that doubles as a side table, however, I made directly from her plans. Then, Ana has a way to upload your finished projects to further encourage and network her followers. If you’re curious about Ana and the many plans she offers for free, visit her website at