The Boat for Anne Haven

So my idea to build a boat came in December 2015. We were going to our 18 week OB appointment to find out whether we were having a girl or a boy! Our daughter, Anne Haven, eluded the sonographer’s attempts to discover that she was, in fact, a “she” until finally it was confirmed. Our joy and excitement, however, was only momentary. At the end of the ultrasound we found out that our daughter had an echogenic spot on her left lung. We had no idea what this meant, and our doctors didn’t really either. We had to wait through the holidays until we had an appointment in Greenville with a specialist. We were to find out that the doctors suspected a lesion on her left lung that could potentially endanger her heart, and therefore, her life. As we began our journey to Anne Haven’s birth, following her progress closely with weekly ultrasounds and daily tears and prayers, I found I needed a way to escape [...]